Cimera is an information hub that
curates and controls your management information, ensuring staff at all levels have instant access to reliable information, enabling faster, and more accurate, decision making
Cimera replaces the hard-to-manage lists, spreadsheets and ad-hoc databases that contain your critical management information
Cimera also connects to your existing systems and draws together the information you need to run your business
Workflow encourages and ensures process compliance

And it's all quickly configurable to meet your needs now and in the future
Featured Solution

Cimera Environment & Release Manager

Streamlining the IT development process


A single source of truth

A single point of control, audit and reporting
No more duplication and out-of-date copies
Find information fast with Google style searching
Create and publish reports and dashboards

It's all about relationships...

When your data is held in Cimera you can create reliable relationships between items. You no longer need to open a succession of spreadsheets, scan your email folders or login to multiple systems to find the answers you need or to create reports.

Cimera allows you to navigate seamlessly through your management information.

Quickly find answers to questions such as "if I change this, what will it affect?" and "this has failed, what is the impact?"

Read about the pain of disparate data

Case studies

Test Environment Management

Cimera is used within the IT Environment Services department. The organisation has hundreds of test environments comprising tens of thousands of hardware and software components with complex relationships.

Test environments were previously managed using a number of disparate spreadsheets with inconsistent and duplicated information. Workflow was managed by email.

Cimera now manages demand, scheduling and provisioning of the test environments as well as controlling the components within a test environment, the inter-dependencies and any associated changes.

Cimera also manages workflow between teams in respect of work requests and incidents making sure that the right people are involved at the right time.

Cimera provides instant status reporting and fast impact analysis of changes and failures.

Key processes have been reduced from hours to minutes and errors have been reduced.
Solution based on Environment & Release Management Jump-Start package.

Release Management

Cimera is used within the IT department to control Release Management in a heterogeneous SAP environment.

Key data was previously stored in complex spreadsheets and workflow was managed via email. A lack of accessible information and audit meant any issues took far too long to diagnose and resolve on a £4m/month migration project.

Cimera now manages application builds, their inter-dependencies and the composition of testing environments.

Cimera is used to efficiently manage the deployment request and approval process ensuring that the state of all testing environments is fully understood and authorised as well as highlighting inconsistent configurations.

Cimera integrates with Quality Centre allowing application builds to be related to testing defects and fixes.

Cimera’s audit history proves invaluable during problem diagnosis in understanding what combinations of application versions were present in an environment at any given time.

Part of Cimera’s initial appeal was that it could be installed and configured to align with existing processes in days not months.
Custom solution built from scratch and implemented in under a week.

Back-Office Management

Cimera is used to manage the back-office processes that were previously controlled via a combination of  spreadsheets, documents, emails and folders of paper receipts and invoices.

Cimera controls all financial data (invoices, orders, petty cash, till records, HMRC information and expenses) as well as supplier, staff and stock information.

Cimera’s security and audit provide the necessary controls in an environment that is staffed by an often transient and casual workforce. Cimera’s rules and workflow ensure processes are consistently followed and adhered to.

Cimera integrates with the POS till system and cloud accounting system to provide seamless end-to-end financial records. Key financial information is extracted as a complete dataset for the external accountants. Returned accounting data is automatically uploaded into Cimera.
Managers now have instant access to up-to-date and accurate financial and KPI information.
Custom solution built from scratch, initially within a few days and then further developed to meet the business's growing needs.