About Propel Systems

Propel Systems develops software and process solutions to enable organisations to work more effectively. Propel Systems has been supplying IT consultancy and software solutions since 1996. The founders of Propel Systems come from a technical and managerial background within IT. They are passionate about making IT work in the most efficient way possible.

About Cimera

Cimera was conceived in 2000 when one of our clients, a large international insurance company, recognised that ineffective management of their project information was absorbing so much of their time that it was actually impacting their delivery dates. The Cimera prototype was built. The work previously performed by four contractors was absorbed by a clerical worker, and the use of Cimera spread virally as more and more departments saw the benefits of a central, state of the art, information store.

In 2002, using the experience and feedback gained from the prototype, development began on the commercial version of Cimera. The goal was to create an extensible client-server, information management solution that would scale from 1 to 1000s of users. And the result is something we think you’ll like.